Church History

Progressive Missionary Baptist Church was instituted as a mission on April 28, 1982.

Pastor Henry L. Giden, Sr., served as Pastor from 1982 – 2004.

Under the leadership of Pastor Giden, Sr., the following projects were completed:  pews for the choir stand, 1st and 2nd van purchased, new curbs, wheelchair walkway, new choir robes, piano, organ, drums, stove, refrigerator and a marquee.

After Pastor Giden retired, The Deacon Board, Officers and Church leaders led the search committee.  On October 8, 2005 a vote was cast and the Lord blessed the congregation with Pastor John W. King, Jr., from St. Louis, Missouri.

Pastor John W. King, Jr., served as Pastor from 2005 – 2006.


Pastor Dante A. Newbill, Sr., served as Pastor from 2008-2014. Under Pastor Newbill’s leadership, the church paid down its existing loan to bring the church out of financial hardship.

Again The Church leadership stepped up once again.  A search committee was once again formed.  A vote was cast after much prayer and guidance from the Holy Spirit on March 14, 2015, and the Lord BLESSED the congregation with Minister Barry C. Spencer.

Pastor Barry C. Spencer currently serves as our Pastor and Teacher.  Under Pastor Spencer’s leadership the church has completed the following major projects:  replacement of the roof, remodeled both bathrooms, repair of the ceiling in the sanctuary and added lightening in the sanctuary.